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Stab at Love

Stab at Love

Bid on Love: Bachelor #6

Local newspaper reporter, Nadine Marx, has been put in charge of this year’s charity fundraiser. The Bid on Love Bachelor Auction gives bidders the chance to spend the weekend with some of the hottest, single guys around. Which lucky women will win the date of their dreams? Or will some of these dates become a nightmare?

Sex, murder and photography were Ashton Wolfe’s passions. When he’s asked to participate in a bachelor auction for a local charity, he jumps at the opportunity and offers to take his date to Abernathy Manor, a haunted mansion in Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s been months since he’s watched the life drain from a woman’s eyes and he plans to make the winning bidder his next victim. Why not do it surrounded by ghosts?

Because Ivy Ellis hasn’t had the best luck with men, butterflies haven’t infused her belly for more than two years. Until she meets Bachelor Number Six’s intense gaze during the charity auction. Most women might think it creepy to have a man stare at them as if they were his prey. But there’s something in the bachelor’s eyes that calls to her. She can’t put her finger on what it is, but knows she has to be the highest bidder to discover what lies beneath the man in the mask.

As she and Ash spend a passionate weekend together, Ivy believes she’s found her soulmate. Meanwhile, Ash struggles with dark emotions. The killer hadn’t planned on falling for his victim, and now he doesn’t know what to do with Ivy. Keep her or kill her?


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Sinful Vows

Sinful Vows

Book 3 Sinful C.O.R.E.

Marriage can be murder…

Former Chicago Vice cop, Sloan North, is back working undercover, this time for the investigative agency, CORE. He’s missed being on the streets, taking on a fake persona and going after dangerous bad guys. Instead of the dark heart of Chicago, Sloan’s planted in a quiet, boring suburb of Cleveland, pretending to be married to an irritating, too hot for words, Cuyahoga County Detective, Whitney Russell.

Whitney can’t believe she’s saddled with a bearded, tattooed behemoth of a man as her phony husband. He’s crude, rude and has a bad enough attitude no one on their cul-de-sac will buy their ruse. But as they’re forced into fake wedded bliss, Sloan surprises her in more ways than one. Beneath his harsh, sexy exterior is a man worth loving. Too bad she doesn’t believe in love.

While Sloan tries to avoid his gorgeous, leggy partner, deal with mind-numbing suburbia, and determine if his neighbor is indeed a big time drug lord, a body is unearthed on the neighboring street. Then another…and another. Life in the burbs goes from boring to deadly because this killer doesn’t just murder his victims. He buries them alive.



Ultimate Kill (Ultimate CORE Trilogy) by Kristine Mason

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