Undress Me

Undress Me by Kristine Mason

Book 4: Reality TV Romance Series

Casting director Erica Reese has her life planned: career, monetary success, then maybe marriage and children. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t leave Los Angeles and accept a new position in New York City, producer Derek Delmont will screw up her plans. What was supposed to be a hot distraction from her busy, lonely life has begun to turn into something Erica doesn’t want—love.  

Known as the king of reality television, Derek is wealthy, sexy, a total playboy, and crazy about Erica. After being rejected by his family and ex-wife, and sick of being used by people hoping to get ahead in Hollywood, Erica isn’t just a breath of fresh air, she’s hurricane-force winds. She’s blown into his life and has him ready to take another shot at love.  

Anxious to take their affair to the next level, Derek invites Erica to join him on an exotic Caribbean island where his crew will begin filming his reality show, Bared and Scared. Before they can reach the luxurious resort, a tropical storm separates them from the crew and leaves them lost in a deadly jungle. While they search for a way out, they’re forced to face the past, present and future. And as they battle the elements, the harsh environment will test their feelings for each other beyond anything either of them ever expected. Can their relationship survive the journey? The bigger question…can they?

The Details

Published: December 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1-7324904-9-9