Scream: A Collection of Dark Tales

"Undying Love"

Scream: A Collection of Dark Tales Book Cover
Nightmares come to life in this thrilling collection of dark tales…

Biohazard by Kathy Love:
Jenny knew when she took a job working for a crime cleaning company, she was bound to experience some weird situations. And likely some weird people too. But she never even considered one of her co-workers, David, would fall in love with her, and man, does he have a strange way of showing it. Hearts drawn in blood spatter and notes out of body tissue? Yeah, that takes weird to a whole new level. Add to that, there is a serial killer on the loose, she finds herself spending a lot of time at work—and with David. Soon, she can’t help wondering if he could the one killing these people. Just so they can spend more time together.

Undying Love by Kristine Mason:
Till death do us part does not apply…

Morgan Smithwell’s first love is killed in a car accident, leaving her devastated and heartbroken. When she claims his ghost has visited her, Morgan’s parents and psychiatrist believe she’s had a psychotic break. But Morgan knows the truth. Death cannot come between her and the boy she loves. Now, to keep their love alive, Morgan must find her lover a new body. Again and again…

No Eulogy for a Stranger by Caleb Pirtle III:
Easy Eddy Dollar is not quite sure where he is when he awakes on a park bench with a bullet wound in his stomach. He only knows one thing for certain. He did not wind up in the town where his journey was supposed to take him.  He knows he’s not dreaming. The nightmare is far too real. Just who is the street preacher, and why did the street preacher save his life. Who is the dime-a-dance girl, and why is he risking his life to save hers? Why is he falling in love with the girl? He’s only met her, and he’s not even sure he knows her name, not her right name anyway. And who wants to kill him? Or is he already dead? And what does being in love have to do with dying anyway? He has twenty-four hours to find out, and the clock is ticking. Easy Eddy Dollar knows he’s a stranger among strangers, and nobody has a prayer to recite at the grave of a stranger.

The Woman of My Dreams by Joe Broadmeadow:
The cut of a truth long hidden is quick, deep, and painful. Yet, life has a way of never missing a beat, even when breaking your heart. Is there such a thing as loving too much?

The Hunter by Drew Jordan:
Not every woman is fortunate enough to be married to a serial killer like I am. Why is that lucky? Because he will protect me from everyone and anyone…and never ever hurt me.

Follow The Hunter from Alaska to Canada to reclaim his wife, Laney. Or to make her his final victim. The Hunter is a short story related to the dark and sexy CRASH trilogy, which includes Crash, Hide, and Expose.

The House That Weeps by Elle J Rossi
Andrew Stevens has one shot left to do something good with his life. He’d surpassed three strikes out about ten strikes ago. Pulled from the dregs and made agent of a newly-founded, covert paranormal unit , Andrew finally might be able to make use of his odd gift. But will the horrors inside the house that weeps be his savior or his ultimate demise?

The Silent Widow by Kimberly McGath:
Eight-track tapes and bell-bottoms were all the rage in the late 1970’s. Citizens had become familiar with serial killers such as Zodiac and Son of Sam, but nothing prepared the townsfolk of Lansing for this sweetheart killer. When word gets out the victims are “locked-in” unable to move or even blink, terror sets in.

When Shine Finley is arrested and convicted of murdering her husbands and some innocent farmhands, most rest easy, but not everyone is convinced this timid woman is capable of such cruelty. Attorney Charles Davenport is on a mission to prove her innocent, but Shine has lost the ability to speak, making his quest more daunting. There is a serial killer on the loose in rural Kansas, and the M.O. is hauntingly similar to Shine’s. Are the murders related? Valentine’s Day will be red with blood in this rural town. Author Kimberly McGath will keep you guessing in The Silent Widow, with many twists and turns that will make you Scream. But will you be able to?

Chimes at Midnight by Paul Dale Anderson:
Never play blind man’s bluff with a blind man. Never play games with an old man entering his second childhood. And never ever play for keeps or bet your life because the odds are not in your favor. Chimes at Midnight is a taut tale of terror that will give you nightmares and make you wake up in the night screaming bloody murder!

A Sultry Abyss by Sue Coletta:
If you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back.

Crime writer Sydney Slaughter has spent her life researching serial killers. What she never expected was to be the center of a vicious murder spree. Two black roses, hearts gutted from the victims’ chest, is the MO literal or symbolic?

When nightmares hit too close to reality, Syd goes to a hypnotist to tap into her subconscious. What she envisions shakes her to the core.

In a race against time, can she use the skills she’s learned to expose the serial killer before he strikes again? Or will fate turn the table and reveal things she never wanted to know?

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Publisher: Seaside Publications
Published: February 2017